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Lower your interest rate

Young, beginning and small producers may qualify for educational credits by enrolling in the RateWise™ program. The program offers interest rate reductions upon completion of approved learning. 

"You don’t have to be a customer to start earning credits. Even if you don’t have a property identified yet, it’s a great idea to sign up and start accumulating credits. It’s much easier to get that done in advance and be prepared when the right property comes up."

-Jesika Harper

YBS Program Manager

How to earn RateWise program credits

  • Enroll in the RateWise program.
  • Choose a learning opportunity that will help you enhance your operation. 
    • Earn 1 credit per hour of content for Northwest FCS Business Management Center programs.
    • Earn .5 credit per hour of content for other programs, such as university courses or an industry webinar. 
    • Note: Credit granted for in-person and online courses is the same.
  • Submit proof of attendance on the RateWise program website.
    • Information submitted through the portal must include course length and date, as well as an agenda or similar course description.  
    • Customers should allow 7-14 days to process new credit submissions.
    • Rapid credit accumulation shortly before loan closing is strongly discouraged. 

How are interest rate reductions calculated?

  • 10 credits:  0.25% interest rate reduction for three years.
  • 20 credits:  0.50% interest rate reduction for three years.
  • 30 credits:  0.75% interest rate reduction for three years.

Additional benefits and incentives

YBS customers enrolled in the AgVision lending program may also be eligible to receive the following program benefits: 

  • Less restrictive underwriting standards.
  • Competitive interest rates. 
  • Reduced or waived loan fees.  
  • Reimbursements for approved technology purchases (up to $1,000) and education (up to $1,000).  

Ready to get started?

Contact your local Northwest FCS branch for more information or submit an inquiry to learn more.

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