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Have you been dreaming about a home in the country?

If so, Northwest FCS can help you turn your dreams into reality. And if you already own a country home, we offer excellent refinancing options too.

Home and Land Loans

Northwest FCS provides loans for purchasing or refinancing rural homes, lots and land, as well as loans to buy property and build. The Country Home Loan program offers competitive interest rates, with several rate and repayment options. Loans are available to people who want to buy raw land or a home in a rural setting, or within the city limits of small towns. The program is designed to promote rural development and farming isn’t a requirement.

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Rural Home Loan Specialists

At Northwest FCS, we focus on financing rural property, and we specialize in processing loans for properties with unique qualities that many other lenders may not consider. The following property types may be rejected by banks or credit unions, but can be considered for residential loans through Northwest FCS:  

  • Large acreages
  • Bare land without water, power or septic
  • Properties with farm income or zoned for agriculture use or residential use
  • Land with barns, shops, outbuildings and/or riding arenas
  • Manufactured, modular,  log and shop-homes
  • Vineyards, orchards, nurseries, woodlands, conservation lands and other agricultural commodities
  • Properties with multiple, permanent homesites
  • Off-grid properties and multiple, continuous parcels


You can count on a trained and committed lending team to provide personalized assistance during the lending process as we help you get the financing you need. Our interest rates are competitive and available terms include both fixed-rate and fixed-to-adjustable interest rate options with several repayment choices. *  

Northwest FCS is also a portfolio lender, which means we won't sell your loan to another institution. We will continue to provide you with a great customer experience from your first conversation with our team to your final mortgage payment.  


Loans to Purchase, Refinance or Improve a Home, Land or Lot in the Country

We understand how tough it can sometimes be to find a lender for some rural properties. At Northwest FCS, we specialize in working with people who are buying rural land and homes, and we’re familiar with farm income, land zoned for agriculture and collateral or appraisals that may not be typical.    

The Country Home Loan program offers competitive fixed-rate and fixed-to-adjustable interest rates with a variety of repayment options. Learn more about available loan terms here.

Bare Land Loans

Get a loan to buy raw land in the country or a bare lot located in a small town. Even if the land is intended as a future home site, in most cases, water, well and septic aren’t required at time of financing.

  • No acreage restrictions
  • Residential and agriculturally zoned properties are eligible
  • Power, well and septic aren’t typically required
  • Refinancing programs are also available
  • No time limits for building

Competitive fixed-rate and fixed-to-adjustable interest rates are available with a variety of repayment options. Learn more about available loan terms  here.  

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Farm at Sunset


Buy and Build with One Convenient Loan

The One-step Construction Loan simplifies the construction process by eliminating the need for multiple loans. With this program, you also have options for choosing the interest rate terms and repayment options that are best for your needs.

  • One loan, one set of fees and one closing
  • Renovations, remodels and outbuildings are eligible
  • Interest-only, monthly payments during construction
  • Flexible time periods for more complex projects
  • Interest rates locked in during construction

Competitive fixed-rate and fixed-to-adjustable interest rates are available for construction loans, with a variety of repayment options including interest-only payments during the construction period. You can learn more about available loan terms here.

Already have a loan with us?
Get lower rates without refinancing

If interest rates are dropping, you may be able to lower the rate on your home loan for one fee, without the hassle of refinancing. If you already have a home loan with Northwest FCS, contact your relationship manager to see if you're eligible. (Please note that land loans aren’t eligible for this offer.)

Interest Rate Options and Loan Terms*

We offer competitive interest rates with a variety of repayment options. Residential loan rates and terms vary by program. To learn more, or discuss current rates, please contact your local branch or submit your question here.

Fixed-Rate Loan Terms

Lock in your rate for the life of your loan with a fixed interest rate.

  • We offer a variety of fixed rate terms dependent upon loan type.


Fixed-to-Adjustable Rate Loan Terms

Take advantage of lower rates with a fixed-to-adjustable rate loan that allows you to lock in low rates for a designated time period, then convert the loan to the current market rate after the initial term. Payments can be calculated for longer terms to reduce payment amounts.


Interest-only Payment Option

One-step Land and Construction Loans provide a way to combine a land purchase and construction costs into one convenient loan. With this loan, you may be eligible to make interest-only payments during the designated construction period to free up cash flow for building costs.


What’s the difference between a Country Home Loan and a Conventional Loan?

The Country Home Loan Program through Northwest FCS is designed to promote rural development. Since we specialize in financing rural properties, our lending team is familiar with farm income, rural appraisals, large acreages and bare land. We fill a lending gap that many rural residents and farmers fall into by providing loans for rural properties that often fall outside the scope of traditional, conventional loans.

On many occasions, properties with farm income, large acreages with multiple outbuildings or specialized equestrian facilities will not be eligible for conventional financing. Since Northwest FCS’ goal is to promote rural development, we specialize in providing loans for these types of properties, including:

  • Large acreages
  • Manufactured homes (built after 1976, doublewide)
  • Bare land (without power, water and sewer hooked up)
  • Land zoned for agriculture or with farm income
  • Equestrian properties
  • Properties with multiple, permanent home sites
  • Off-grid properties and multiple, continuous parcels

This list is not intended to be comprehensive and should not be substituted for additional research, or a conversation with your local financial institution about available options for your financing needs. Please give us a call if you’d like to learn more about rural residential loans available in your area.

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To learn more about any of our rural home loan programs, please contact your local branch or call 866.552.9172 during business hours.


*Available rates and loan terms vary by program.

Equal Housing Lender All loan actions are subject to program availability. Certain conditions and restrictions may apply. NMLS #543727