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Skills for Next-Generation Leaders
Communication is vital to leadership, and a skill that next-generation leaders will need to cultivate, says Dr. Dave Kohl in The Ag Globe Trotter.
Student Scholarships Awarded

Northwest Farm Credit Services has awarded 85 students from its five-state territory (Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Alaska) a total of $212,500 in scholarships. All scholarships are $2,500 each. Read more.

Weather Insights
In a nutshell: It’s summer. The Northwest looks green from space, which means we’re slightly behind on growing degree day units. Still, we’ll be going to warmer, drier days over the next week. Watch Now !
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    Community Involvement
    At Northwest Farm Credit Services, we're 100% committed to the communities we live and work in. Giving back to the rural communities we serve is our responsibility and our privilege. Learn more about our stewardship mission.
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