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Interest Rate Options and Loan Terms

We offer our customers competitive interest rates with a variety of repayment options. Residential loan rates and terms vary by program. To learn more, or discuss current rates, please submit your question or call your local branch during business hours.

Fixed-Rate Loan Terms

Lock in your rate for the life of your loan with a fixed interest rate.

  • We offer a variety of fixed rate terms dependent upon loan type.
  • No prepayment fees.

Fixed-to-Adjustable Rate Loan Terms

Fixed-to-adjustable rate loans allow you to lock in low rates for a designated time period, then convert the loan to the current variable interest rate following the initial term. Payments can be calculated for longer terms to reduce monthly payment amounts.*

Interest-only Payment Option

One-step Construction Loans provide a way to combine a land purchase and construction costs into one convenient loan. With this loan, you may be eligible to make interest-only payments during the designated construction period to free up cash flow for building costs.*


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To learn more about any of our rural home loan programs, please contact your local branch or call 866-552-9172 during business hours.

*Available rates and loan terms vary by program.

Due to marketplace disruptions, some rate options and loan terms may be temporarily unavailable. Please contact a Northwest FCS Relationship Manager to get the most up-to-date information about rate and term options.


EHL logo All loan actions are subject to program availability. Certain conditions and restrictions may apply. NMLS #543727