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Finance the purchase of farms, ranches, timberland, additional acreage, buildings, processing facilities and improvements or refinance or consolidate existing debt through long-term loans, secured by mortgages or deeds of trust. See also Country Home & Lot Loans.

  • Select from fixed, variable or a combination of interest rate options.
  • Interest rate types may be changed during the life of the loan by conversion, rather than a refinance.
  • Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payments are available to match your cash flow.
  • Terms typically range from 5 to 25 years.
  • Loans are typically fully amortized to avoid balloon payments at the end of the term.
  • Loans are secured by an insurable first lien on agricultural or eligible residential real estate.
  • Additional credit to finance farm/business, family, or non-agricultural needs may also be structured as a long-term loan if agricultural real estate is provided as security.
  • Loans secured by real estate can also be used for family needs including education, medical expenses, inheritance/income taxes and principal residence for self or immediate family.
  • Excess funds can be deposited into an interest-bearing account to cover future payments and for other authorized purposes.