2019 Nominating Committee

Opportunity to Serve on the Northwest FCS 2019 Nominating Committee

To All Northwest FCS Customer-Stockholders:  Nominating Committee members are elected each year by the voting stockholders to screen, interview and select director candidates for board elections as well as candidates to serve on the following year's Nominating Committee. The 2018 Nominating Committee will select the candidates to appear on the February 2019 Director Election ballots.

Nominating Committee Eligibility

Committee members:
  • Must own voting stock,
  • Loan(s) must be in good standing,
  • May not be considered as a director candidate if serving on the Nominating Committee.

You do not have to live in the region with a director election in February 2020.

February 2020 Election Regions

Region 7 – Beaverton, Salem, Eugene
Region 8 – Roseburg, Central Point, Klamath Falls, Redmond
Region 9 – Baker City, Ontario, Pendleton, The Dalles


Nominating Committee members receive compensation at the rate of $500 per day for meetings and $250 per conference call. Members are reimbursed for any reasonable travel, lodging or incidental expenses incurred while carrying out Nominating Committee business.

Time demands generally include:

  • One to two conference calls throughout the year, as needed.
  • Two in-person meetings in Spokane, WA:  one in the spring to review Nominating Committee responsibilities, screen and select candidates to be contacted regarding board service; another in the late summer/fall to conduct candidate interviews.

These calls and meetings are scheduled at the convenience of committee members and candidates.

If you believe you are eligible and would like to be considered for service, forward the following information to Jill Surby at by October 12, 2018:

  • Your full name, name of your operating entity, mailing address, email address, best contact phone number(s).
  • Your branch affiliation, loan officer’s name, primary commodity/crop.

Submitting your name does not necessarily result in being contacted for service. However, if you are selected, you will be contacted and your name will be placed on the February 2019 ballot sent to all voting stockholders to approve your service on the 2019 Nominating Committee.

Thank you for considering participating in this very important process. For more information, review the Farm Credit Administration brochure The Role of Farm Credit System Nominating Committees.