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Succession Planning Videos

Learn from Michael Stolp, Senior Family Business Advisor with Northwest FCS, as he answers important questions regarding business succession planning.

Succession Planning – Part 1

Why is family business succession planning important?

Succession Planning – Part 2

What are the most important factors in family business succession planning?

Succession Planning – Part 3

Why don't people address family business succession sooner?

Succession Planning – Part 4

What resources are available for your family to begin the family business succession journey?

Customer Videos

Northwest FCS customers talk about succession planning in their family businesses.

Orondo Cider Works, Orondo WA

The Podlich family works through succession planning as the second generation gears up to take over the family business.

Koompin Farms, American Falls ID

Brothers Klaren and Kenneth Koompin are building a succession plan for their kids to take over the family operation.

Curt Maberry Farm, Lynden WA

The Maberry family talks about their succession plan following the sudden loss of their father, the patriarch of the family's berry-growing and processing operation.