Our Purpose

Improve the lives of customers and employees, the communities where we work and raise our families, and the Northwest agriculture, food and fiber industries that perform a vital role in the United States and around the world.

Our Values


We help rural communities prosper by serving one customer at a time. Knowing our customers and earning their trust is the foundation for all we do. Being a cooperative, owned and governed by our customers, sets us apart. We value diversity in people and ideas. Our highly valued employees care, communicate well and always strive to exceed customer expectations.


Our organization is built on the highest standards of integrity, ethical decision-making and sound internal controls.


We invest in customers, industries we serve, employees and rural communities. We provide effective business solutions that focus on long-term success. We know what it takes to overcome challenges and value financial stability and sound planning.


We discover, continually update, and openly share our deep knowledge about the industries we serve, our business and our professions. Our learning environment offers employees and customers rich opportunities to expand our knowledge, evolve our thinking, learn from our mistakes, grow as people and strengthen our businesses.