RateWise Program Details

Earn RateWise Credits

Participants can accumulate RateWise™ credits beginning on the date of their program registration through the completion of the AgVision® program. Once registered, credits will be accepted online for eligible programs attended in the most recent 12 months prior to RateWise registration.

Northwest FCS Programs University and Industry Programs Other Programs
(Including Webinars)
1/2 day = 2 credits
1 day = 4 credits
1+ days = 6 credits
1/2 day = 1 credit
1 day = 2 credits
1+ days = 3 credits
1 credit regardless of duration (maximum of 5 total credits earned)
Note:  Participation in and/or completion of degreed program is not eligible.

Interest Rate Reductions

Rate reductions increase with the number of credits earned:
  • 10 credits:  0.25 percent interest rate reduction for three years
  • 20 credits:  0.50 percent interest rate reduction for three years
  • 30 credits:  0.75 percent interest rate reduction for three years

Certifying RateWise Credits

After registering for the RateWise program, participants can certify their completion of workshops and seminars by submitting the Credit Certification form and attaching a copy of the program's agenda or certificate of completion online.

Additional Benefits

Book your first loan using RateWise credits and receive all the benefits of our nationally recognized AgVision program for young, beginning and small producers, including an invitation to the Young and Beginning Producers Conference. See the BMC Program Catalog for more information about this conference and other Northwest FCS seminars and workshops.