All-in-One Construction Loans

Buy the land you want, build, and move in with one convenient loan.

  • Just one loan, one set of fees and one closing.
  • Renovations, remodels and outbuildings are eligible.
  • Interest-only monthly payments during construction provide more cash flow during the building process.
  • Nine-month construction period for conventional homes.
  • Flexible time periods for more complex projects.
  • Interest rates locked in during construction.

Country Home Interest Rate Programs

Northwest FCS offers a variety of interest rate programs depending on the loan purpose, repayment terms, risk level and flexibility you need. Loan structures and repayment plans largely determine eligible rate programs.


Equal Housing LenderAll loan actions are subject to program availability. Certain conditions and restrictions may apply.

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  • Land Buying Checklist

    Land Buying Checklist
    Buying, selling or financing rural properties is often different from properties within city limits. In this guide, you'll find helpful planning tips and practical advice for buying rural land.