Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do I need to have an agricultural background to work at Northwest FCS?
A:  No. Northwest FCS serves agriculture on many different levels and we seek candidates with a broad range of talents and backgrounds. If you like working with customers and team members and have strong communication and leadership skills, Northwest FCS might be a great fit. Individual positions might require specific qualifications and skills.
Q:  What is the best way to apply to Northwest FCS?
A:  You must apply online. Please check our available jobs to view all positions currently open.
Q:  Define the culture of Northwest FCS.
A:  Our organization values relationships, integrity, commitment, and knowledge. Our employees are professional and committed to a very strong customer service philosophy. Northwest FCS provides an atmosphere for leadership development, team collaboration, and goal attainment.
Q:  What is the career growth potential at Northwest FCS?
A:  Northwest FCS seeks to promote from within whenever possible. To ensure we are developing our employees and constantly providing new opportunities, we post new positions internally. Employees are encouraged to develop career goals and work with their manager to grow to their full potential.