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Resources for commercial fisheries at your fingertips.

Getting started in commercial fishing isn't easy. Today's beginning fishermen are met with high operating costs, limited opportunities for entry and plenty of risk, proving they need support and access to resources more than ever before. Northwest FCS is proud to help the University of Alaska and Alaska Sea Grant support the next generation of commercial seafood harvesters.

Headquartered at the University of Alaska, Alaska Sea Grant is one of 34 Sea Grant programs nationwide. For decades, the program has conducted and funded scientific research to enhance the sustainable use and conservation of marine resources. Alaska Sea Grant also provides education, technical assistance and expert advice to commercial fishermen through Marine Advisory Outreach agents.

One of their latest projects, FishBiz, is a website designed to provide tools for managing the business side of a fishing operation. The site is organized to guide fishermen every step of the way through the four major phases of a fishing career: entry, managing, growing and exiting. It provides business management spreadsheets, videos, publications and podcasts, as well as links to additional external services, resources and contacts to help fishing business owners.

FishBiz has over 34,000 website downloads and is proving to be a valuable resource for fishermen in every stage of their careers. With Northwest FCS’ support, Alaska Sea Grant can now add new content to the website in areas such as financial management, retirement and estate planning.

Additional 2020 Investments in UA Education and Research

Alaska Young Fishermen’s Summit: Supports financial management, marketing and leadership training to new and aspiring commercial fishermen.

FishBiz On the Water App: Provides mobile business management and recordkeeping tools for fishing business owners.

Business of Fishing Workshop: Supports new and established business owners with industry-specific management best practices.

“This generous investment by Northwest Farm Credit Services highlights Alaska Sea Grant’s leadership in the development and delivery of workforce training for fishermen and fishing businesses that are so valuable to Alaska. We are grateful for this opportunity to partner with them to support the businesses and communities we both serve.” – Ginny Eckert, Alaska Sea Grant Director