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Dairy pilot plant supports Northwest producers.

There is nothing better than hands-on experience, especially for the next generation in agriculture. Supported by Northwest FCS, through the OSU Foundation, Oregon State University’s new dairy pilot plant will provide students with a larger-scale commercial dairy processing experience and serve as a business incubator for the region’s dairy entrepreneurs.

Dairy foods are advancing in the Pacific Northwest on several fronts – in new product innovation, in global reach to expanded markets, in national recognition for quality, and in global honors received. Vital to this advancement is a host of talented people, whose knowledge, skills and abilities complement the long history of well-respected dairy brands.

OSU’s Dairy Foods program is advancing dairy processing in the Northwest by providing a well-trained professional workforce, opportunities for expanded innovation, extension assistance to dairy plants and focused dairy research. By attracting top students into the field of dairy science, OSU and the College of Agricultural Sciences is taking a lead role in training the current and future workforce. Graduate students in dairy foods science engage in high-level technical dairy research, which can be readily applied to the field.

The new dairy pilot plant will feature a state-of-the-art commercial processing facility and optimized, sustainable dairy processes. It will be used to teach students and dairy industry professionals, provide for research, and the commercial production of Beaver Classic products such as cheese and ice cream.

The dairy pilot facility will also serve as an innovation center for Oregon’s dairy processors who must currently travel to North Carolina State University and beyond to access pilot plant facilities. Equally important, the expanded dairy program will unite world-class researchers focused on the development of new and value-added products.

Nationwide, new dairy plant investments, targeted innovation and a greater focus on research are all advancing the industry. The Northwest is well positioned to capture this momentum and we are honored to stand with others to support OSU’s continued commitment to the dairy industry.


Additional 2020 Investments in OSU Education and Research

New Lab at Columbia Basin Research & Extension Center: Expands research labs and processing space to support wheat industry growth.

New Lab at North Willamette Research & Extension Center: Supports a growing faculty and programs.

OSU Food Innovation Center: Provides technical, creative and educational services to the Northwest food industry. 

Enhance Focus on Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Services: Enables the College of Ag to add a faculty member to expand the MANRRS program.

OSU Educational Opportunities Program: Supports the development and academic potential of students who have traditionally been denied equal access to higher education.

“This generous donation will help elevate the entire dairy industry. OSU’s focus on sustainable food research is essential as animal agriculture is currently working towards being carbon neutral and minimizing environmental impacts. By supporting a research program that focuses on sustainable dairy systems, we help ensure that animal agriculture will be around for the next generation of agriculture.” – Lizbeth Goddik, Department Head, Food Science & Technology