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Northwest FCS 2019 Third Quarter Earnings

Northwest Farm Credit Services, the Northwest’s leading agricultural lending cooperative, announced 2019 third quarter earnings of $73.4 million, compared to $76.0 million for the same quarter of 2018. Read more.

Education Pays
Education is important to success, continuing education more so, and what matters even more is the subject matter. Dr. Dave Kohl explains why in this week’s  The Ag Globe Trotter.
2020 Director Election

2020 Annual Stockholder's Information Statement mailed to all stockholders. Click here to view the 2020 Official Notice.

Weather Insights
Atmospheric Scientist Eric Snodgrass gives you a rapid recap and forecast in this week's weather update video. Watch Now!
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    Community Involvement
    At Northwest Farm Credit Services, we're 100% committed to the communities we live and work in. Giving back to the rural communities we serve is our responsibility and our privilege. Learn more about our stewardship mission.
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